Ambitions: Our Dream car builds

I have always thought about it, what would my dream car build, it’s different for everyone. Since Alex and I are home because of Covid-19, I asked him one afternoon what his dream car build would be and he sent me a link to a video highlighting an F80 M3 with an estate wagon conversion. This got me thinking about what my other car friends had in mind for their dream car build. The criterias are simple; what mechanical mods would we want, what interior and exterior mods we would want and roughly how much it would cost. Simple right?! At the end, Alex and I will see who has  the most tasteful build and which build is the most expensive one. 

Aakash’s build

My build would probably be a JZX100 Toyota Chaser (Or Mark II) with a 2Jz swapped in. Instead of twin turbos, I’ll use a big single turbo with a front mounted intercooler. Hopefully it will push about 450 horsepower. Lowering springs are preferred and I think Halo headlights would do the Chaser justice. I’d probably paint it in a metallic blue and compliment it with some 17 inch gold BBS E55 rims. I’ll also put on a neat body kit with side skirts which really completes any Chaser build. For the interior, I’d get red bucket seats, either Recaro, Sparco or Bride. The price for something like this is a bit confusing so let’s break it down, to get a JZX100 with little to no mods, a 1JZ I6 and low miles; I’m looking at paying 10 to 15 thousand dollars and about one thousand dollars to ship it. The mods listed above total to about 10 to 11 thousand dollars. So the build will come out to about 26 thousand dollars, give or take. 

Credit: Pinterest jamesparsons773

Alex’s build

Alex’s build is really out of the box, an F80 M3 with an estate wagon conversion. I really like the 3 series wagon and I think BMW missed out by not making an official M3 wagon. Alex wants his M3 wagon similar to the featured on Joe Achilles’ channel which has an Eventuri Cold air intake, CSF Charge Cooler and a stage two tune. That conglomerates to a smooth 530 horsepower. The wagon also features an M3 CS hood and 6 Sixty Design Crypto forged rims which look really clean on the wagon almost like it is OEM. For the interior, it has OEM red bucket seats. 


I got in touch with a few of my other car friends from school and I asked them what their dream car was built with the same specifics as before.

Sebastian’s Build

Sebastian originally told me his build would be a P1 but we both know that’s a bit difficult to get. So he instead went for a 720s coupe in white with black rims and blue carbon ceramic brakes. Nothing MSO and nothing else under the bonnet, but I think it’s pretty tasteful for what it is. Our local dealer has a 720s with similar specifications, so I’ll use that price for a grand total of 311 thousand dollars. 

Credit: McLaren Palm Beach

Jose’s Build

Jose’s build is a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec Nur. His build includes mainly HKS parts except for the Magnetti Marelli electronically assisted Turbo setup. Jose specified he would track this car often so he wanted a sequential transmission. The R34 is in Bayside Blue with with silver BBS RS rims and a Nismo bodykit like the one on the Z-Tune. I found an R34 V-Spec Nur with low miles in the UK for £110,000 or about 137,000 USD. The parts will cost around 30k give or take (30k is pretty generous). So the total price would be about $167,000  to $170,000. Nice. 


Final Verdict 

All four of these builds are definitely cool and they all do justice for the car. But its time for me and Alex to pick the best one. My pick easily has to be Alex’s F80 Wagon, it’s simply the most creative one and shows how far car guys will go to get everything right. For Alex’s pick it’s Jose’s R34 build. It’s a timeless and tasteful build. And the award for most expensive build goes to Sebastian with his $300k McLaren 720s. 

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